Welcome to East-Terra Plastics

East-Terra Plastics, with an advanced recycling technology, and fully equipped 150,000 square-foot plant, is capable of processing post-industrial plastics. We can wash, separate, dry, shred and grind virtually any type of plastic.  We buy, sell and toll grind plastics.  We handle storage, logistics and processing so our clients can save money, increase revenues and have fewer headaches.  We are located strategically at the “Crossroads of America” making logistics fast and affordable.

Also, as one of the few companies in Indiana equipped with an advanced waste washing, sorting and drying system, we can clean materials before processing them.  By removing foreign materials through this state-of-the-art process, we are proudly helping our clients to increase the value of their materials while reducing waste. We get "dirty" so our clients no longer have to.

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